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Hi and welcome to my first blog, hopefully this will be the first of many to exchange recipes, tutorials and talk about my cake crazy life!
My Name is Vedia and this is my family, Joshua, Jacob and our muched love 'Shorkie' pup 'Honey'.

I have been baking cakes for years, I find my life ever changing as Im sure most of us do, trying to juggle work and family time but I am lucky enough to do what I love..Bake A Cake.

2015 has seen a few changes for me including a house move (stressful)! I have also wanted to take my business in a new direction for a while. Thinking about this I was inspired by a friend who wanted to try baking.
He didnt know where to start and didn't want the costly expense of buying lots of ingredients and equipment that he may not use again, I dont know whether anyone else can relate to this but I really did. Remembering back to the time many years ago when my passion for baking was reignited by my sister who bought me this amazing book,

Years of childhood memories of baking fairy cakes with Granny (Lilli Oliver) came back to the forefront, having only been interested in cooking savioury dishes for my family the baking had taken a back seat.

However, not doing things by half and giving myself a challenge I decided to make a Butterscotch Layer Cake. Which involved me making butterscotch sauce from scratch!..

Realising I had no equipment to bake I bought a small electric mixer, my friend bought me some scales (she could see I was determined although slightly anxious and she really wanted some cake).. so after 2 1/2 hours my kitchen was upside down and I was about £60 lighter...yes!

I had to buy everything including cake pans, mixer scales and ingredients..I finally presented the most wonderful cake creation and the taste was sublime (thankfully)...all thanks to Nigellas wonderful recipe!
Although what a faff.. Im sure most people would never have baked again but I did and here I am today. However, remembering this and thinking about my friend, I thought there has to be an easier way to introduce baking to adults and children alike and thats how I came up with the Lilli Love to Bake Range

I was also interested in introducing Gluten Free and Vegan options, my favourite recipe so far is Orange and Poppy seed Gluten Free cupcakes. Tried and tested on a few volunteers who are actually coeliacs, their positive response spurred me on to keep developing my range. Which Includes Biscuits, Cookies, Cupcakes and Brownies so look out for recipes on my next blog.

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