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Our opening day was March 16th 2016 of our beautiful 'Cake Boutique' set in the heart of Bury town centre, Greater Manchester.
It has the quaint charm of a teashop combined with eceletic mix of coffeehouse appeal. We serve great bean to cup coffee supplied by Rijo 42. Lunches consists of paninis, toasties and sandwiches served on freshly baked bloomer bread all served with a side salad.

We have a range of home made cakes, cupcakes, scones and cheescakes,in various flavours, Our most popular cheescake is oreo, which consits of an oreo base a beautiful light creamcheese filling with oreo biscuits crumble and topped with a hot choclate fudge sauce!

We are the first venue to introduce the amazing Freakshakes to the region of Bury, Lancashire in the UK. These crazy shakes are served in a large glass jug served with sauces of Salted caramel, Chocolate fudge sauce, Peanut Butter, Strawberry jam or Lemon, topped with a donut or cake, whipped cream and more sauce!!