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Welcome to the world of Lilli Oliver Cakes, Vedia the founder of the company, The little dark haired girl with pigtails and a huge smile, always loved a party and of course cake. Having had an amazing childhood surrounding by family, 2 younger sisters, cousins and friends. She grew up, went to University and being a little Miss Chatterbox, went on to have a successful career in sales & customer service. Eventually her years of bossing around her 2 younger sisters helped her develop a skill set that led her to become a successful manager in the corporate world.

She had 2 beautiful sons and decided on a different career path and became a Special Needs Teaching Assistant a job she really loved. Although Vedia throughout the years always found herself gravitating to the kitchen to cook and bake as a creative outlet.

She became more interested in baking and cake decoration in particular 5 years ago, with evolving social media outlets and word of mouth her creations have now become the basis of her own business. The Company was named after her Grandmother who first taught her to bake, the original Lilli Oliver.